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Leash is strong, durable, and has two-sided portion with emotional support dog designation and ID window on back. Leash is six feet long and 0.75″ wide. Click here to view leash.

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Available in 5 sizes and has an emotional support dog designation on the collar. Click here to view collar.

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The pouch allows you to store your important items with clips to attach to your bag or your dog’s vest. Closes with a zipper. Click here to view pouch

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Used for displaying your ID card through the ID window and can be worn around your neck, with quick detaching of the ID card with the press of a button. View Cardholder and Lanyard

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Product Description

This complete kit includes our US Service Dogs certificate with your emotional support dog’s name, your name, and your emotional support dog’s registration number. Your emotional support dog’s ID card will display a picture of your emotional support dog on the card. You will also have lifetime registration in the US Animal Registry for your emotional support dog.

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